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Referring Patients to a Hemangioma Specialist

If you are a patient looking to receive an evaluation, please fill out this simple form

Dr. Marcelo Hochman is accepting new patients. Leading the field of hemangioma and vascular birthmark treatment, Dr. Hochman is experienced hemangioma specialist, and a knowledgeable asset to the medical community. You’ll find his care for your patients second to none, while providing outstanding results in the removal of vascular anomalies.

Get more information on his accreditations and contributions to the medical field.

There are two easy ways to refer patients to the Hemangioma International Treatment Center.

1. Fill out this simple form with patient and your Information
2. Send medical history, clinical information and any photos to or call 843-571-4742 with any questions.

Please include demographics, pictures, and any clinical information you may have. The more information we have the better we can prepare for your patient.

A hemangioma specialist will then contact your patient directly and set up the necessary appointments. If you would like us to contact your office with updates, please let us know.

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