Dr. Hochman and His Team Return to Manila, Phillipines

The Vascular Birthmarks Program– Philippines was successfully launched at Makati Medical Center on June 26, 2008 with the assistance of Dr. Hochman and Dr. Deveikis. The doctors are returning to the National Children’s Hospital on June 11 this summer for a week to continue their work of educating physicians about vascular anomalies, evaluating¬†and treating several of the children from the area with physicians attending and learning. Through an alliance of the Rotary Club of Makati West (‚ÄúRCMW‚Äù), the Makati Medical Center (‚ÄúMMC‚Äù), the GMA Kapuso Foundation (‚ÄúKapuso‚Äù), and The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation of Charleston, South Carolina (‚ÄúTHTF‚Äù), the mission of the Program is to contribute towards the treatment of hemangiomas and other vascular birthmarks and malformations in Filipino children and young adults who are unable to afford such treatment, as well as to educate and train local physicians in the regular monitoring, counseling, and treatment of these afflictions.

Ezekiel in the photos below was one of Dr. Hochman’s patients on that visit and¬†was shown in a broadcast about birthmarks on GMA News in the Philippines. Angelina (right) is also from the Phillipines. Her parents were told to leave the tumor alone and it would go away. They waited for years. Dr. Hochman removed the tumor but she will need more surgery in the future.

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