Dr. Hochman To Hold Physicians’ Symposium

As part of the mission of THTF, Dr. Hochman wants to educate as many physicians as possible, primarily pediatricians and internists, about the various treatment options available for vascular anomalies. “There is still much conventional medical wisdom which says that hemangiomas in children will go away if left without treatment,” says Dr Hochman. “We are opposed to this view and have considerable medical evidence to demonstrate how successful clinical and laser surgery can be in treating patients. A child with a serious hemangioma can suffer tremendous psychological problems and bring considerable anguish to the parents. Our symposium is to bring up-to-date knowledge and experience with case histories to physicians who deal with children.”

In addition to Dr. Hochman, there will be guest speakers from South and North Carolina who are leading researchers of vascular anomalies to elaborate on the subject as well. The objective is to eventually prevent as many of these childhood anomalies as possible with early treatment.

The Vascular Anomolies Symposium will be held on Saturday, June 5 at Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston.

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