Recommended Reading for you and Child

Buddy Booby

  • Children’s Book, Sam’s Birthmark, Author Martha Griffin – a story about a boy with a birthmark and how every child is unique and special in their own way. Through illustrations and easy to understand words, Sam s Birthmark shows that each of us has something about us that makes us one-of-kind. Sam s Birthmark is a great teaching tool to have this conversation with children starting at an early age.
  • Children’s Book, Buddy Boobys Birthmark, Children’s Book, Painted Keepsakes: A Book about Birthmarks, Author Blithe PayneThe straightforward book started with a little girl pointing an unassuming finger at another girl’s face, and asking, “What’s that mark on you?”.
  • Children’s Book, Annabelle’s Birthmark, Authors Bielli Adele and Annie Gallion
  • Children’s Book, Frankie Froggy and The Butterfly Birthmark , Author Iris Williams deals with bullying and issues with children with “different” faces from a child’s point of view.
  • Children’s Book, The Surgery Book: For Kids, Author Shivani Bhatia, MD takes a potentially scary experience and turns it into a fun adventure. The story, complete with great illustrations, is a wonderful way to introduce surgery to children. A must read for any young child who needs an operation.
  • Children’s Book, Children’s Book About Surgery: A Kids Picture Book About Surgery With Photos and Fun Facts, Author Abigail Tyler – This easy reading picture book for children contains interesting facts about having surgery and is written for children ages 4 to 10. It contains a variety of information on common kinds of surgery.
  •  Children’s BookI’m Like You, You’re Like Me, Author Cindy Gainer –  A child’s book about understanding and celebrating each other. Simple words and lush illustrations draw children into this gentle story of discovery, acceptance, and affirmation.
  • Parents’ Book- Children With Facial Difference: A Parents’ Guide, Author Hope Charkins
  • Kids’ Health for Kids website Website for children and parents about Hemangiomas

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