Hemangioma Treatment Foundation

Cristal is too young to be aware of her “difference” yet, however the teasing and whispering will take away her smile soon.

Dr. Hochman and The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation are raising funds to bring her to Charleston for the surgery and procedures which are not available in the Dominican Republic. She has a large compound hemangioma which needs immediate attention. Her surgery is covered thanks to Dr. Hochman’s gratis services  and the Foundation, but the tentative quote of $50-$60k for the hospital, anesthesia costs, etc. are not. Untreated, the tumor could cause life threatening complications with sight, breathing and eating. So we need your help to spread the word by going to our FaceBook page to share with your friends.

Looking at this beautiful little girl and knowing what she faces in the future, made us reach out to you and your friends for help.

Please help if you can by making a donation, click here.

The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization

Here are the before and after photos of another little girl with a similar anomaly whose life was changed forever by Dr. Hochman and the Foundation.

whitLee-before-b     Whitlee after 2009