The Hemangioma International Treatment Center (HITC), founded in 2003, provides treatment for children and individuals who suffer from hemangiomas and other vascular malformations.

Dr. Marcelo Hochman, of the Facial Surgery Center in Charleston, SC, founded the Hemangioma International Treatment Center after his interest in hemangiomas was sparked by one of his three sons being born with one. The goal is now to provide quality care for patients and their families who are afflicted with vascular malformations and other birthmarks.

HITC has worked with patients from all over the world and Dr. Hochman has had experience in removing all types of hemangiomas and malformations. HITC is proud of its treatment optionssuccess stories, and looks forward to the future where they can successfully provide quality care to all who need it.

Dr. Hochman also founded the Hemangioma Treatment Foundation in response to families who are unable to afford the services provided by the Hemangioma International Treatment Center.

Many families do not have the finances to provide treatment to members with hemangiomas and other vascular birthmarks. To donate and help relieve the financial burden on these families, please visit our donations page.

Fill out our simple contact form and we will evaluate your information. After we receive your information one of our representatives will contact you personally to help get you started.

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