Connor: Large Compound Hemangioma on cheek

Connor is a beautiful little boy thanks to the efforts of Dr. Hochman and his team. He eye and cheek were being covered by the hemangioma. However, now he will live life as a “normal” boy.

Jing Ni: Large Hemangioma on neck

Jing Ni was brought here from China with a large venous malformation on her neck. Her after photo was taken shortly after surgery so her scars are still evident.

Isabel: Large Compound Hemangioma on cheek

Isabel had a large compound hemangioma on her cheek and after will be returning for further improvements.

Isabella: Venus Malformation

Large venous malformation on the left side of her face.

Mia: Hemangioma above lip

Mia was born with a hemangioma above her lip.

Emma: Large Compound Hemangioma

Emma was adopted from a Chinese orphanage by parents from South Carolina who brought her to Dr. Hochman

Valerie: Compound Hemangioma on nose

Valerie had a compound hemangioma of the nose. She is a beautiful child from Peru who came to Charleston for help. She had a compound nasal hemangioma which had ulcerated (skin broke down). She underwent two outpatient surgical procedures and several laser treatments. She is back in her native country.

Ezekiel: Large Compund Hemangioma from lip

Dr. Hochman removed a large compound hemangioma from Ezekiel’s upper lip.  

Rileigh: Large Compound Proliferating Hemangioma

Rileigh is from South Dakota and has had several surgical procedures and laser treatments. Rileigh had a large compound proliferating hemangioma completely surrounding her right eye, cheek and lips. She is coming again for scar revision and touch up.

Sebastian: Large Venus Malformation

Sebastian is a ten year old boy from Lima, Peru. Sebastian had a large, complicated venous malformation of the left face. He has undergone sclerotherapy treatments and one major surgery. He needs additional sclerotherapy and possibly further surgery.

Tabby: Large Compound Hemangioma on lip

Tabby is an Iraqi child who was brought to the Foundation in cooperation with the US Marines and Operation Give.

Batuhan: Large Compound Hemangioma

Batuhan’s family was desperately seeking help after being turned down at multiple institutions throughout Turkey and Europe. One well-meaning doctor even told the family to take him home ‘and let him die’. Batuhan was the first child treated under the auspices of the Foundation. He has had several surgeries since 2003 and is soon to have another one. The plan is to replace the left cheek of his face with a microvascular free flap – a major procedure which will make a tremendous difference in his appearance. Batuhan has come a long way in a short period of time. Here is a photo of his cheek just after the skin graft. Learn more about Batuhan’s story

Zoe: Hemangioma

Zoe had a surgical incision on her eyelid to remove the hemangioma. She is one of the two patients whose surgery was filmed for the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Surgery Before and After” which was aired in March, May and June 2007.

Alexis: Multiple Compound Hemangiomas

Alexis, from Charleston, South Carolina, was born with multiple, superficial, deep and compound hemangiomas. Notice in the first photo how her eye is bulging. This is from a deep hemangioma of the orbit. She also has several visible superficial ones on the temple, cheek and scalp. Alexis was treated with steroids for the proliferating deep lesions and at the same time with the pulsed dye laser. The after photo shows Alexis at age 5, a beautiful and vibrant child.

Sofia: Large Compound Hemangioma

Sofia is a beautiful young girl after her treatments through the Hemangioma Treatment Foundation.

WhitLee: Large Compound Hemangioma

WhitLee’s surgery was performed by Dr Hochman and Dr McNellis after she had been turned down for treatment at a major medical center here in the US. The large “after” photo below shows her only one week after surgery. She will have another procedure to remove the rest of the hemangioma from behind her ear. WhitLee was one of the two children whose surgery was filmed by the Discovery Channel for the hit show “Surgery Before and After” which was aired in February and the spring of 2007.

Gabby: Large Nasal Tip Hemangioma

Gabbie’s surgery to remove a large nasal tip hemangioma was performed after struggling with the formation for almost four years. Gabbie’s parents were first told “the problem would go away and that it would take a series of surgeries (at least 8) to remove the growth”. Many doctors said they were not familiar with the disorder and did not know the treatment for it. Additionally, they were told that since the procedure was considered “cosmetic” their health insurance would not cover it. Gabbie began showing signs of being “withdrawn” from other children and their questions. After nearly four years of struggling with the condition, her father called The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation and Dr. Hochman performed the surgery.

Angelina: Large Compound Hemangioma

Angelina is from the Phillipines. Her parents were told to leave the tumor alone and it would go away. They waited for years. She has had the hemangioma removed and will need more surgery in the future.

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